Our Retail Store is open Monday through Friday 7am-3pm EST.

Our Offices are open Monday through Friday 7am-3pm EST.

Retail products vary by store and location. Many products are seasonal and will only be available during that season.
Check with your local grocery store, or, call us to determine if a fundraising dealer is in your area. Many of our customers ship product to smaller grocery chains, so we are unable to direct you to a store in your area.
Yes! All cake rolls should be refrigerated or frozen until ready to serve. Apple dumplings must be kept frozen until ready to thaw and bake.
At this time we are only set up for wholesale ordering. We are not equipped to fulfill orders by mail. It is also cost-prohibitive for our customers to pay for shipment of perishable items.
Yes, many of our products contain common allergens such as egg, milk, soy, and wheat. Please visit the products page and select a particular flavor to determine what allergens may be present.
While Dutch Country products do not contain nuts, they are made in a facility and on equipment which processes nut products.
When kept frozen at zero degrees or below, products are good for one year from the manufacture date. Cake rolls are good for seven days in the refrigerator once thawed.